General Interest Topic coming up at KYJSUG on Thu Jan 25 - Andy Huggins presents Day 1 to Code God - A Developers Journey

Published on Jan 11 2018

We’ve had to reschedule to Jan 25th (because I screwed up scheduling the room).
We’ll be at the Lexington Central Library in Room B (4th floor). Come on out!

Andy Huggins is going to present: Day 1 to Code God - A Developers Journey.

He’ll talk about the developer journey from the first day you edit some code, until you become junior, mid, senior level developer, or even a 10Xer. In his own journey, he has learned some insights that he thinks could provide a roadmap for other developers to help them grow. He also wants to talk about how to get things done, and how developers might create their own roadblocks instead of facing a challenge.

This should be an excellent talk, and I hope some of you white-beards will came share your thoughts about your journey as well.
We’ll see you Thursday the 25th.

Kentucky PHP Users Group Meeting
Thursday, January 25th at 7 PM
Lexington Central Library - Room B
140 East Main Street, Lexington KY ( •!forum/kyphpug

24 Pull Requests

Published on Nov 29 2017

24 Pull Requests:


Hey devs consider contributing to the open source community this December with #24PullRequests

Coming Up Thu Nov 16: VueJS App with a Laravel API

Published on Nov 13 2017

This month Ron Northrip is going to take us through building a quick address book application with a VueJS front-end and Laravel-based php backend. We will discuss the normal flow of data from the api, listing entries, editing, posting edits back to the api, and even implement a simple search interface. This should be very interesting. Come on out this Thursday, Nov 16.

KY JavaScript Users Group Meeting
Thurday Nov 16 at 7 PM
Lexington Central Library - Room C
140 East Main Street, Lexington KY •!forum/kyjsug

New Technology Crossover Meeting - Intro to Go on Thu Oct 19

Published on Oct 17 2017

Heads up javascripters, we’ll be at the Lexington Central Library in Room C (4th floor). Come on out!(

New Technology Crossover Meeting

Art Hall is going to introduce us to the Go programming language. Its very different from javascript and should be fascinating to compare with. Of course we like to have a concrete project to work on while learning a new language, so we’re going to tour through the “Writing Web Applications” tutorial ( together.

This should be awesome, so friends, don’t miss it.

We’ll see you Thursday the 19th.
Kentucky JS Users Group Meeting
Thursday, October 19th at 7 PM
Lexington Central Library - Room C 140
East Main Street, Lexington KY

Functional Programming with JavaScript

Published on Sep 26 2017

Functional Programming with JavaScript:

Here are the slide from Bill Kidwell’s talk last week on functional programming with JavaScript.

Thanks to everyone who came out and to Bill for a very clever introduction to a complicated topic.

More at