New Technology Crossover Meeting - Intro to Go on Thu Oct 19

Published on Oct 17 2017

Heads up javascripters, we’ll be at the Lexington Central Library in Room C (4th floor). Come on out!(

New Technology Crossover Meeting

Art Hall is going to introduce us to the Go programming language. Its very different from javascript and should be fascinating to compare with. Of course we like to have a concrete project to work on while learning a new language, so we’re going to tour through the “Writing Web Applications” tutorial ( together.

This should be awesome, so friends, don’t miss it.

We’ll see you Thursday the 19th.
Kentucky JS Users Group Meeting
Thursday, October 19th at 7 PM
Lexington Central Library - Room C 140
East Main Street, Lexington KY

Functional Programming with JavaScript

Published on Sep 26 2017

Functional Programming with JavaScript:

Here are the slide from Bill Kidwell’s talk last week on functional programming with JavaScript.

Thanks to everyone who came out and to Bill for a very clever introduction to a complicated topic.

Functional Programming in JS with Bill Kidwell on Thu Sep 21

Published on Sep 5 2017

This month Bill Kidwell is going to discuss Functional Programming in JS. Functional programming promises cleaner, more testable code, but it comes with a lot of theoretical baggage. We will avoid the more technical aspects of functional programming that are commonplace to users of Clojure and Haskell and focus on what we can use in our code today. After a light introduction of map and reduce using Ramda.js, we will work through a practical example that lets us explore some useful aspects of the library, and functional programming in general. If you are a functional programming novice, prepare to come away with a better idea of map, filter, reduce, pure functions, functional compositions, and even how curry might spice up your JavaScript.

Come On Out!

KY JavaScript Users Group Meeting
Thurday Sep 21 at 7 PM
Lexington Central Library - Room B
140 East Main Street, Lexington KY •!forum/kyjsug

Next KYJSUG Thur Sep 21 @ 7: Functional Programming with JavaScript

Published on Aug 31 2017

Bill Kidwell is going to introduce us to Functional Programming with JavaScript. Mark your calendars, Friends.

CQRS and Event Sourcing

Published on Aug 18 2017

CQRS and Event Sourcing:

From the PHP/JS crossover meeting on Aug 16 2017. Thanks Zach!

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