Kentucky JavaScript Users Group


No Meeting in November
Happy Turkey Day.

Thursday - Nov 24 - 7PM

140 East Main Street, Lexington KY

Get Together

No Meeting on Thursday Nov 24 at 7PM
Central Library Room C - 4th Floor
140 East Main Street, Lexington KY

We'd love for you to come and join us and talk about your experiences creating cool things with JavaScript.


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Beginners to Bad-Asses: everyone is welcome to come and learn about JavaScript.

JavaScript is growing into a mature language that can be used in so many different ways: in the browser, on the server, and even for apps. There's a lot for us all to discover.



You don't have to code alone.

Getting hung up on something? Ask the group. We've got lots of folks with lots of different backgrounds. Someone can certainly help you move your cool ideas closer to real life.


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